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We are very excited to announce that the Alef Bet Preschool will be bringing their early childhood program to the JCCH starting this September 2022 and registration is now open!

Alef Bet, is an established pre-school based in New Rochelle. They are operating at capacity in their current space and they are looking forward to expanding their program to our beautiful ECC wing.

As they note on their website, Alef Bet’s mission is “to create an emotionally safe learning environment where children feel empowered to explore ideas, develop skills, and realize an understanding of self.” According to the school’s director, Rochel Butman, their curriculum is shaped by Jewish values; an appreciation and respect for children’s natural stages of development; the recognition of early childhood as a time for children to develop positive habits, behaviors, and attitudes; and a belief that each child possesses a unique inner voice that needs to be heard and encouraged.”

Alef Bet is a Chabad school whose program draws on a variety of teaching philosophies and attracts families reflecting a wide range of religious involvement. The school offers classes for 2s, 3s, and 4s as well as “Mommy and Me” and “Tots Together.” Alef Bet teaches and celebrates Jewish holidays instilling in the children—and their families—an appreciation for the beauty of our shared Jewish heritage and traditions. In addition to their basic curriculum, they bring in a wide variety of fun and educational specials as well, including nature, soccer, yoga, and music.

Alef Bet will provide a discount on tuition to JCCH families enrolling their children. For information on schedules and tuition, click here.

For more information, contact the JCCH office at 914-835-2850, or you may reach out directly to Alef Bet Director Rochel Butman at or 914-712-8332.

We look forward to this exciting new addition to the JCCH.


The JCCH Executive Committee and Board of Trustees