Kehilah School High School & BBYO

Our Continued Engagement in the high school is a philosophy built upon three sustaining pillars that create the foundation and framework for our learning and high school experience.

Learning/ Ritual – Including trips, guest speakers, (Rosh Chodesh “Moving Traditions”)
Chesed Opportunities – Teen Driven Community Service
Social Activities – BBYO

7th Grade – Mitzvah Project & B’nei Mitzvah

As a vital part of becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, our students participate in a Mitzvah Projects to encourage the creation of a caring community. Mitzvah projects are done by the class as a group once a month. In addition, students choose an individual project that they are passionate about so that they can experience giving back to their community in a very personal and meaningful way. Preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah include frequent meetings with clergy, practicing prayers, and D’var Torah.

“Continued Engagement” 8th – 10th Grade (Confirmation)

Our goal is to create a series of experiences at the JCCH and outside of the walls of the temple that will plant the seed of further exploration of Jewish values and Identity. We aim to encourage our students to self-direct and “design” their own projects. They are encouraged to share their reflections on various experiences, thoughts on what they learned, their personal growth and what Jewish values they found embedded in their journey.

Looking Back!
2019 Confirmation Photos
2019 Confirmation Speeches
2019 Confirmation Program


This is an opportunity for teens to become role models for younger learners, to strengthen the connection to other teens and to advance their own Jewish journey. The main task is to connect with younger students and support them on their individual journeys, and continually be a source of advice and guidance. With skills training to support their role, teens will be able to deepen their involvement in our school and serve as an example of an active participant in Jewish community life.


JCCH High School students actively participate with the local Westchester chapter of BBYO. The pillars of BBYO include – Inclusivity, Tradition, Jewish Identity and Active Leadership. It is a safe and welcoming community where teens develop their own personal Jewish identity. The teen-led programming is fun, with an emphasis on connectivity between young Jews across the globe. Teens emerge with precious friendships and practical leadership skills that will serve them well into the future.