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Jewish by Choice and Conversion

Conversion to Judaism is a significant and life-changing event. This meaningful process starts with exploration and study and culminates in a beautiful ceremony that officially welcomes and recognizes the person as a member of the Jewish community.

The conversion process demands a significant commitment of time devoted to study and experiencing Judaism first-hand.

Rabbi Hammerman can help guide you or a non-Jewish partner and can assist you in finding teachers and coursework most appropriate for your particular situation.

JCCH Happenings

Tuesday, April 23
7:00 pm Game Night

Wednesday, April 24
11:30 am Drop In Mahjongg

Thursday, April 25
8:00 am Is Assimilation a Blessing or a Curse?
9:00 am Short Story Discussion Group
10:00 am Making Leviticus Relevant–Really?
10:00 am Baby Toddler & Me
10:30 am JCCH at the Harrison Food Pantry

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