A community synagogue for progressive Conservative Judaism, welcoming to all.

Kehilah School

Kehilah = Hebrew Word for Community
We Are One, Together We Learn, We Celebrate and We Engage!

The JCCH Kehilah School is committed to creating meaningful connections and an experiential learning environment in which children and families can develop and embrace strong Jewish identities, and live meaningful Jewish lives with an appreciation of the values, culture, history, and language of the Jewish people.

Connect to Jewish Identity and Pride
We strive to make Jewish values and tradition an integral part of each student’s life and to foster a lifetime commitment to a meaningful and rich life steeped in Jewish tradition.

Connect to Jewish Traditions, Values, Culture
Providing opportunities for learning and participating together in Jewish rituals and celebrations, mitzvot and traditions.

Connect to a Love of Israel
Our goal is to foster pride and teach the history as well as the modern topics, achievements, and challenges that face modern Israel today.

Connect to Learning Through an Experiential and Project-Based Approach
We aspire to offer our learners authentic and unique Jewish experiences in a way that allows them to integrate meaning and create a strong identity and a more personal Jewish journey.

Connect to one Another by Building a Supportive Community of Families
We are dedicated to forming deep bonds among our children and their families that will create a resilient foundation for our Jewish community and provide support and guidance in times of sorrow as well as celebration.