Passover 2021 /Pesach 5781

Saturday, March 27 – Sunday, April 4

JCCH is pleased to curate the information below for our members, taken from amongst the wide variety of material available online. 


All services are available via Zoom or Facebook.  Check your email for login credentials or email

Friday, April 2
6:00 PM Abbreviated Shabbat and Festival Evening Service via Zoom and Facebook

Saturday, April 3
9:30 AM Shabbat and Pesach Services via Zoom

Sunday, April 4
9:30 AM Pesach Services, including Yizkor via Zoom

Order Your Passover Wine

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Arie Hochberg, of Israeli Wines Direct, led us through a tour through the vineyards of Israel during our wine tasting last week. He has graciously offered to drop all Passover orders placed before March 18th off at the JCCH prior to March 24th and in time for your Seder. (No charge for shipping) BONUS: 15% of all orders will go to the JCCH.

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JCCH is pleased to curate the information below for our members, taken from amongst the wide variety of material available online. We plan to add to this section in the weeks leading up to Pesach.

Jewish Theological Seminary Resources for Passover

Haroset from Around the World

The Kehilah School Celebrates Freedom…

On Sunday, March 21st, Ronit, along with the Kehilah school staff, the students and their families celebrated the spirit of Passover by reenacting the Exodus from Egypt. With Rabbi Hammerman as Moses and Cantor Marcos leading his band, a wonderful and meaningful time was had by all…watch a bit of the fun here…

Resources for Youth

These resources are brought to you by BimBam

The Passover Seder…What to Expect

If you’re heading to a Passover Seder, it helps to know a little bit about what to expect. This video explains the basics, from the props on the table to the songs people sing. Happy Pesach and have a great seder!

A Passover Seder…with the Four Sons

There’s a famous part of the Passover Haggadah where four children are described – one who is wise, wicked, simple, and one does not know how to ask a question. We decided to zoom in on these four sons (the tradition calls them sons, and we went literal here…do be sure to stay around for a comment on that choice at the end of the video!) The characters – wise, wicked, simple, and the one who doesn’t know how to ask questions, can be found all over the world, but we’ve set their story in Moscow.

Practice Ma Nishtana (Four Questions) for Passover

Learn the Four Questions (aka Ma Nishtana) for Passover with LA’s Jason Mesches. Have a wonderful Passover – chag Pesach sameach!

The Passover Shaboom! Special: What’s Different about Tonight?

The Sparks can’t find the chametz! The Plonys can’t make matzah balls! Ma nishtana? Why is this night different from all other nights? Find out on this Passover special episode of SHABOOM!

The Ten Commandments Reaction Video: Kids Watch For the First Time

We’re not sure that Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner’s Ten Commandments have aged that well, despite the fact that we all grew up on it? You decide. Or let these grade school kids figure it out for you.

Bedikat Chametz – The Hunt for Chametz

Bedikat chametz, or the hunt for chametz, is a wonderful ritual to try out with your family the night before Passover. In this short how to video, Piera and Josh explain how they set up a scavenger hunt for their young child and why it’s a meaningful part of Pesach for their family. Anyone can do this ritual…and it’s lots of fun to play hide and seek with bread or cheerios or whatever chametz you may have on hand. Plus, the next day you get to burn it!

Happy hunting!