Kehilah School Prayers & Blessings

We welcome you to attend services at the JCCH. Below are videos of the blessings and prayers for you to familiarize yourself with. Please feel free to join us and be an active participant in these beautiful services.

Tefilot (prayers) and B’rachot (blessings)

Friday Night Service
Kabbalat Shabbat and Friday Evening Service

Shabbat Morning
Shabbat Morning, May 9, 2020 Parashat Emor

Torah Service
Torah Service


Other Torah
Shabbat Hagadol Torah (Tzav) Spoken
Shabbat Hagadol Torah (Tzav) Sung
Shabbat Hagadol Haftarah Spoken
Shabbat Hagadol Haftarah SpokenShabbat Hagadol Haftarah – Sung

Chant Like a Champ
Chant Like a Champ Video Showcase
Password:  JCCH2020