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JCCH Virtual Calendar

While homebound, we at the JCCH are creating ways to bring the synagogue to you.

See below for a variety of learning, praying, and singing opportunities that we are presenting online. We would like to add other opportunities as well – cooking, knitting, other classes, etc. If you have a skill, an interesting topic or anything else you would like to present, please let us know and we will add you to the schedule.

We wish you all good health and look forward to seeing many of you online!

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For security purposes, we are no longer publishing information of our Zoom sessions on the website. Please check our emails for details about login information, or email info@jcch.org for credentials.

Please note, effective immediately you must upgrade to Zoom 5.0 in order to join Zoom sessions.



8:00 AM Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

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8:00 AM Tuesdays, Thursdays

9:00 AM Sundays
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6:00 PM Fridays
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9:30 AM Saturdays
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Wednesday, August 12

8:00 PM Jews and Blacks in the Civil Rights Era and Today – Midrash and Facts

We are fortunate to be joined by Billy Planer, the founder of Etgar 36, an organization that runs Jewish Civil Rights journeys to the American South for teens and adults.

Together we will explore the reality of the relationship between the Jewish and Black communities during the Civil Rights era. The Jewish narrative of that era is not seen the same way by everyone or grounded in the reality of what was truly happening. Jews were certainly participants in the Civil Rights movement – but it is not our story. We will explore historical events that impacted Jews in America including the Leo Frank case and the Atlanta Temple bombing to the sociological and generational issues that shaped Jewish activism and participation, or lack of, on both sides of the movement. Also, we will consider how all of this impacts what is happening in the streets of America today.

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Thursday, August 13

9:00 AM Short Story Discussion Group (will not be meeting this week)
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10:00 AM Science and Jewish Ethics – Is There a Contradiction?
What are the principles of Jewish ethics and how do we deal with dilemmas that arise from the rapid advances of science and medicine? As new technologies are discovered how does this fit with Jewish law? We will be looking at such topics as responsibilities for provision of health care, in vitro fertilization, sperm/ egg banking, abortion, genetic manipulation, stem cell research, euthanasia and assisted suicide. Led by Rabbi Barbara Paris.

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Saturday, August 15

9:30 AM Sisterhood Shabbat

Join us as members of the community participate in our Shabbat service, plus hear from a very special guest, Rabbi Anat Hoffman, joining us from Israel that morning on behalf of Women of the Wall – Nashot HaKotel.

Women of the Wall is a group of women from around the world who are working to secure the right to pray in their fashion at the Western Wall, wearing tallit and other religiously significant garments, singing and reading from the Torah. When Israel’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of Women of the Wall, Orthodox leaders and rabbis protested the decision. Arrested multiple times for wearing a tallit at the Wall, Hoffman was defended by the Anti-Defamation League. She also serves as Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center

Learn more about Anat Hoffman here.

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Monday, August 17

Noon Let’s Do Lunch
Grab your lunch…find a computer, tablet, or phone, and join a casual lunchtime conversation.  Led by Deborah Bers.
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Monday, August 24

7:00 PM Women’s Rosh Chodesh Group
Elul is a month to begin waking up, to think about doing teshuvah and preparing to do our accounting of the past year. For many of us, the Corona virus has given us time to reflect on our lives and what is important to us. It has given us a time to miss family and friends and activities and perhaps to see things differently. Let’s come together in sisterhood to share, support one another and to help us prepare ourselves to greet the New Year .
Led by Rabbi Barbara Paris.

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Cantor Marcos presents a thematic interpretation of the Ma’ariv (evening) service using secular music, sacred text, and words of comfort:  We Heal Together:  Sing, Share, Learn, Pray – July 10, 2020


Our world is hurting and we pray for healing during this difficult time. Watch Cantor Marcos’s healing service here and lend your voice as we ask for love and compassion to guide our way – June 1, 2020.


Joanna’s Jewban Kitchen
Want a beer? Grab a cold one and watch the new episode of “Joanna’s Jewban Kitchen” in which Joanna shows off her culinary mastery with “Ropa Vieja,” a Cuban specialty. Cantor Marcos makes a cameo; can you spot him? Watch it here!  What’s cooking in Joanna Askenazi’s kitchen? This week it’s Morrocan Fish.


4:00 PM KidShabbat
For kids of all ages. Join Cantor Marcos for a pre-Shabbat singalong.


Plus…Available 24/7

A five-minute energy boost for kids (and anyone else who needs to shake their sillies out!) with Cantor Marcos.
Click here

Creating A Sense Of Calm In A World Of Chaos
Check out Cantor Marcos’s guided meditation with chanting and singing.  Cantor begins 4 minutes in.

Kids (or Grownups!) … Need a Boost?
A five-minute energy boost for kids (and anyone else who needs to shake their sillies out!) with Cantor Marcos.


Contact Clergy/Administration

Need to reach a clergy or staff member?  Please use their emails below, or for after hours, use emergency numbers provided below:

Rabbi Eytan Hammerman  (in case of emergency call 914-320-4244)
Cantor Marcos Askenazi (in case of emergency call 347-537-9612)
Ronit Razinovsky, Education Director (in case of emergency call 914-629-9055)
Eric Nussbaum, Executive Director (in case of emergency call 914-419-1515)


Office News Updates

Should you need to reach clergy or staff, please see the contact information below.


Need Some Help with Technology?

Facebook, Zoom and other tools are keeping us more connected than ever before. If you could use some assistance with your technology, some JCCH members are ready and eager to help. Write to info@jcch.org for assistance.


Grief Support During Covid-19

In these uncertain times of physical distancing, grievers are feeling more alone and isolated than ever. Human connection and support are crucial to those who are grieving. Rabbi Hammerman and Cantor Marcos are available by phone or email. See contact information at the bottom of this email.
In addition, Westchester Jewish Community Services can provide opportunities to speak privately with a social worker by phone or zoom.

For information, contact Gillian Rittmaster, LCSW, Westchester Jewish Community Services
Phone: 914-761-0600 Ext. 2142 or email grittmaster@wjcs.com


Guidance on Coronavirus Resources and Warnings about Consumer Scams

Help Feed the Hungry in Our Area
Bread of Life is seeking food donations to help feed over 11,000 food insecure Westchester residents. Donations of non-perishable items (e.g., pasta, cereal, canned goods) can be dropped at Pastor Pasquale’s driveway, 65 Orchard Avenue, Rye, NY.

If you have any questions, contact JCCH member Rachel Dalton at rachel@racheldalton.com

Important notice for JCCH “Seniors” and those wishing to assist
From the Town of Harrison: In addition to assistance being available from fellow JCCH members, the Harrison Recreation Senior Program has been checking on our seniors and providing them assistance when required. RideConnect of Family Services of Westchester has set up a shopping program for older adults to help keep them safely at home. Volunteers get a client’s grocery list, do the shopping and drop the groceries off at the client. If you need help shopping for groceries or medications, call them at (914) 242-7433.

If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please use the same phone number to become involved.

Masks 4 Harrison
JCCH members Jenny Schenk and Lauren Leader, along with Toni Braiotta, have launched Masks 4 Harrison to ensure that all those in need of masks are able to get them, including seniors who receive services through the town as well as Harrison Food Pantry clients. $20 underwrites the cost of four masks. You can give two and get two or donate all four.
For more information, click here.