How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting

Learn how to Zoom and have all your questions answered for best practices here.  JCCH Zoom meeting details are sent via emails sent from the synagogue in the weekly email blast, if not separately.  The email will provide you with a Unique Link, Unique meeting ID, and a Unique Passcode.

To Join a Meeting

View your email for Zoom programming you are interested in.
Click on the Zoom meeting link of interest and you will be taken directly to the meeting.

You will automatically join the meeting. If prompted, enter the Meeting ID and Passcode that you were provided.

Note: If you are prompted with waiting for the host to start this meeting, there is no action needed. It simply means the host has not yet started the meeting.

How to Control Your Microphone and Camera in a Zoom Meeting

Depending on your device, you may have the option to turn your microphone and camera on or off when you first sign in to a Zoom meeting. If your computer or iPad does not provide that option to you, or if you wish to mute/unmute them during a meeting, it’s easy to turn your microphone or camera on or off after you’ve signed in.

After signing in to a Zoom meeting, move your mouse to the lower left of the window and you will notice two icons on the lower left corner of the screen. The first icon, the microphone, allows you to mute and unmute your microphone. The second icon, the video camera, allows you to stop or start your video from displaying in the meeting. When your camera is turned off, your name will appear on the screen. Remember to mute your microphone when you are not speaking to others in the meeting.

Learn About Zoom Etiquette

MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE when you are not speaking. This will prevent background noise and comments from being shared with other participants.

Position your camera properly before the meeting starts.

Pay attention to what’s behind you on the screen; avoid displaying distracting or personal materials in the background.

Do a TEST RUN to check your audio, video, and background before the meeting starts.